Flex CSA Pricing

Our Boxless CSA share allows the option to get fresh produce during

– Summer Season: June – September

– Winter Season: October – January

– Spring Season: February – May

Take the stress out of your CSA share. Customize your own box after receiving that week’s email about the current harvest! You can hand select your produce by meeting us at the market. It’s your choice to pick up weekly, every other week, or as frequently as you would like. Select all items, one item, none or some of the items as you need them.

Concerns: Going on vacation, having a full refrigerator, or the changing of years are nothing worry about as your share value is there until you completely use it.  Splitting shares is common but then you have to decide who gets the melon or other single item.  The boxless share is a solution to those concerns.

Availability of shares is limited, so purchase your share early.

You Choose




Delivery Locations

Shares are available for pick up at the following locations each week during the distribution season:

Additional Offerings:

Farm Fresh Eggs will return in the future

Individual produce prices and quantities by quote only.

The Farm of Minnesota  

We have testimonials from a member who did not like vegetables and when he tasted the asparagus he “didn’t hate it”.

Or how adding Mushrooms to the availability changed the entire outlook of our CSA

A member’s testimonial regarding our eggs:
“We’ve received a dozen eggs from The Farm several times over the past year, and without exception, they are the best eggs we’ve ever eaten.  Compared to store-bought eggs, we’ve found the eggs from The Farm to have stronger shells, brighter yolks, and significantly better flavor than those from the store.  It’s hard to pin down, but your eggs just taste “fresher”.  We don’t consume eggs very quickly in our house, and we’ve found that these eggs also keep perfectly for extended periods of time.  We don’t plan on ever buying our eggs anywhere else but from you again!  Thanks!”

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