What Is A CSA?

What is CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture is a model used by farmers to connect directly with the families they are feeding.  Rather than having to purchase individual items from a grocery store, or farmers market, members of a CSA purchase a “share” from the farm at the beginning of the season, and for that they receive a weekly box of freshly harvested produce.  Because the share of produce goes straight from the farm to the consumer, everything members receive is in season, as fresh as possible, and very likely contains more nutritional value when compared to produce that has been in storage or transported from further away, which applies to most items found at the grocery store.

There are many variations on CSA models.  Here are a few points about The Farm of Minnesota’s Flex CSA:

  • We are certified organic.  Rest assure that we are not using chemicals or GMO’s and are building our soil to provide the most nutritious food possible.
  • Some CSA’s ask that you participate in the work of the farm (harvesting, packing, etc.) as part of the agreement.  That’s not the case with our CSA.  Many of our customers love the fresh, organic vegetables and fruits we provide, but don’t have the time to commit to driving out to The Farm to work, and that’s just fine by us.  The Farm of Minnesota thrives because working the land is our passion, it does not need to be yours.  Each year we do encourage each member to come out and see where the food is grown.
  • Our flex share provides you a fresh box of fruits, herbs, and vegetables weekly.  A half share is the same size box but available every other week.  Our boxes are filled with what is harvested that week.  Many say that they are introduced to vegetables, herbs and fruit that they normally would not try from the grocery store.

In addition to CSA shares, The Farm of Minnesota also offers:

  • ​Eggs
  • The ability to come by the farm and purchase produce here
  • Larger quantities of canning vegetables and pickling cucumbers upon request
  • Connections with other farmers who can provide items that we do not offer (cheese, meat, etc.)
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